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“As a general contractor, I had for years looked at alternative ways to build houses more energy efficient.  Systems I tried never fully met my performance expectations and often they would present a whole new set of problems.

I first met Dave in early 2008.  After explaining his spray foam technology to me I was excited to try this system in a large custom house.  It performed beyond my expectations.  Not only was there little change in construction methods (training) and in the overall time of construction, the house performed better than I could have hoped for.  Heating costs for the winter months of 2008/2009 for this fully developed 1560 sq. ft. bungalow were less than a fully developed 950 sq. ft. bi-level built to conventional insulation installations.

While Dave has worked with me for the past 6 years on numerous projects involving this amazing system, I have come to place even more value in Dave himself.  He is a complete professional – honest, competent, confident, responsible and ethical.”

Gerald Pilon, Noah Homes Ltd. - August 2014

"Dave, A big thanks to you guys. A great job was done and if I ever decide to do more in my or any house it will be you guys that I call. I will also spread the word out that you guys are top notch."


"THANKS Dave for the excellent job. VERY happy."

~ Ken

"Since you sprayed the roof not only did you solve the moisture problem we were having it is now WAY cooler inside the house on hot days. Thanks for the great job."

~ Karen

"Dave, As an accountant, when it was suggested by our builder we use spray foam, i had to be convinced it was worth the extra expense. After reviewing the information I was given I not only upgraded the walls but also did the roof as well.

The house was built in the winter and I was surprised when our trades remarked how much warmer our house was to work in than other houses.

After reviewing my utility bills I was happy to find that although my house size had doubled my bills had remained the same.

I would recommend this company and their product."

~ David, BBO

I encourage all my customers to use Walltite Eco and have it installed by RCI Alberta the benefits are worth the extra cost.

~ Leon, Homes by Leon

"Dave, To quickly put it, I really wished that dealing with every trade during our build, was the experience we had with you.  From the first phone call I had with you, until your final check of the building, you have been interested in a quality job & working as to proper building procedures, and have performed as you said until finished.  Your product knowledge, actual building experience, & confidence instilled by good communication, are such an asset when dealing with you and your company.  We not only have confidence Walltite Eco is a good product, but much more that the installation is done to high standard (right down to you proving it with the blower-door test!).

Thank-you very much for the help, our compliments to you and your company."

~ Lyle and Tammy-Jo Shaw, High Style Interior design

Hello Dave, As an initial skeptic I am now a believer. Here's why:

  1. We totally rebuilt our house: Gutting it back to the 2 X 4’s, adding 1000 sqft garage and 400 sqft addition to the original house.
    I hadn't thought about using spray foam insulation because I associated spray foam with formaldehyde. My contractor suggested I consider spray foam. As a jaded old refrigeration mechanic and mechanical contractor I thought he was nuts. Still he set up a meeting with you and you patiently explained all about the miracle of modern spray foam and the current misconceptions. Still unconvinced he took me to a customer’s house in which he had recently had spray foamed. After more thought and research I concluded this would be the way to go to insulate my house and garage.
  2. Although the cost is higher I am convinced that I will recover that cost in no time by greater energy savings.
  3. This product is so stable that if it is very cold outside with a wind blowing you don't notice any difference than if there was no wind.
  4. I had installed a high efficient furnace in 2008 and with the efficiency of spray foam I was able to comfortably use the same furnace with 400sqft more than the old house.
  5. I used spray foam as the insulator on the underside of the roof deck. There is no blown in insulation on top of the ceiling. It is so easy to access and work in the attic whenever necessary. Since the attic is the same temperature as house it is also a pleasure to work up there any time of the year. Winter or summer the temp varies only a couple of degrees with the rest of the house.
  6. I also have air conditioning and I used my old a/c in the new house. I have found that I could have used one size smaller and would have been fine.

This is a great product and I highly recommend it. Avoid false economies; use it in the walls, basement, garage and especially on the underside of the roof.

As with a great many things the product is only as good as the people installing it. Use RCI Insulators if you want a really good job and a company that stands behind its product and its workmanship. Besides it's a really cool colour.

~ Randy McMullen

I've used RCI Alberta and Walltite Eco for almost 7 years now, and I'd never go back to fibreglass.

The Walltite Eco is far superior to anything else in my opinion and as a builder there are so many advantages during construction.

However, what I like most is living in my foam house, for 5 years, my utility bills have been substantially lower than my previous house with conventional fibreglass and my foam house is never drafty. 

Dave has been good to work with from the first day he walked unto my jobsite and introduced me to the idea of Foam.

~ Todd, Schafer Homes Construction Ltd.

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