Spray Foam Insulation FAQ

What is spray foam?

Spray foam is a medium-density polyurethane foam insulation/air barrier. It consists of an isocyanate and a resin mixture which are combined upon leaving the installation gun. WALLTITE® ECO™ uses recycled plastic and a zero-ozone depleting blowing agent in its product, reducing its environmental impact. As it can adhere to virtually any surface and shape, the only limit is your imagination.


Why use spray foam instead of conventional fibreglass insulation?

Conventional fibreglass batt insulation settles and sags over time, creating gaps, and will degrade if it gets wet. This reduces the R-value of the insulation. WALLTITE® ECO™ will not settle or sag over time, there are no gaps upon installation and is not affected by moisture. Its R-value does not decrease over the lifetime of the building, resulting in more sustainable insulation. In addition, WALLTITE® ECO™ is environmentally responsible, requiring fewer materials and significantly decreasing the energy leaked out of your building.


What does it cost?

On average, spray foam insulation will cost 2-3 times more than traditional fibreglass batt insulation. However, this cost will be recovered in the resulting energy savings. The total cost will depend on the space, so the best way to find out is to give us a call.


Why is Foam Master certification important?

Foam Masters have undergone rigorous training and have learned quality control. This ensures that your insulation will be applied correctly and professionally.


Does your spray foam have harmful fumes?

During installation, off-gas is produced and requires venting. Once the product has cured and these gasses are vented, which can take from 1-24 hours, the foam is completely safe.

WALLTITE® ECO™ meets the stringent requirements of the GreenGuard certification program, thus helping to provide optimal safety and comfort for the occupants.


How long does the foam last?

WALLTITE® ECO™ has the ability to last the lifetime of the building and improve the building’s durability and structural strength. It will not settle or sag over time thus will not likely need to be reinstalled as long as the building lasts.


Is spray foam flammable?

Polyurethane foam insulation is listed as a combustible material. However, it does contain a fire retardant which will not support a flame. A flame source must be present in order for the foam to melt and eventually ignite. In all homes in Alberta a thermal barrier is required for all types of insulation systems; this thermal barrier also provides protection for the other combustible structural components of a wall system.


Do I still need a vapour barrier with WALLTITE® ECO?

No, unlike traditional fibreglass batt insulation, WALLTITE® ECO™ does not require an additional vapour barrier as long as it is installed at the required thickness.


Is there a warranty on the foam?

Click here to view warranty information


How does it perform when compared to fibreglass insulation?

WALLTITE® ECO™ always significantly outperforms fiberglass insulation. Studies show that it is possible to save over 50% on the utility cost.  

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