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Spray Foam Features & Benefits


We provide spray foam insulation services across Central Alberta including Red Deer, Sylvan Lake, Olds, and Lacombe.

RCI Insulators uses WALLTITE® ECO, an environmentally responsible, medium-density closed-cell polyurethane foam insulation. It carries several advantages over traditional insulation materials:

  • Will stick to virtually any surface - the only limit is your imagination.
  • Provides complete sealing - gap-free installation eliminates the need for fasteners, resulting in an airtight building envelope.
  • One-step insulation – when installed at the correct thickness, WALLTITE®ECO serves as a vapour barrier and part of an air barrier system, reducing the time it takes to insulate your building.
  • Will not shrink, sag, or settle over time – your building will be efficiently insulated for years to come. Other insulations degrade over time which will greatly reduce the performance of the insulation.
  • Increases the structural strength and durability of your building – air leakage is minimized; reducing the risk of condensation, mould, and moisture deterioration of building materials.
  • Environmentally responsible – less energy is used during production and transportation than traditional insulation materials because it is manufactured and transported as a liquid. The resin uses a zero-ozone depleting blowing agent, and the polyol is made with recycled plastics and renewable carbon content. Its durability and the superior air seal contribute to less heat loss from the building, lowering energy costs and environmental impact. In addition, WALLTITE® ECO is the first medium-density polyurethane to earn EcoLogo Certification.
  • It will be done right - only certified, approved applicators can install WALLTITE® ECO, ensuring a quality installation for your building. Of those certified to install WALLTITE® ECO, only a few are awarded the title "Foam Master."

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