Tufdek™ FAQ

What is Tufdek?

Tufdek™ is a sheet vinyl product used to waterproof outdoor walking surfaces such as decks, balconies, walkways, roof-decks, and patios.


How is Tufdek installed?

The vinyl sheet is adhered to a smooth, dry surface using Tufdek™ adhesive. If more than one panel is required, they are overlapped and welded to ensure a continuous waterproof surface. The inside and outside edges are then treated to complete the installation.


Can I install it myself?

No, Tufdek™ is only available through factory trained technicians. We will ensure a quality installation of your outdoor surface covering.


How long does Tufdek last?

Normal life expectancy is 20+ years. This will depend on the conditions the surface is exposed to and the care it receives.


How does it perform in freezing temperatures?

Tufdek™ has been installed in harsh winter environments with exceptional results. It will stand up to the harshest of cold environments, even an Alberta winter.


How do I keep it clean in the winter?

Snow removal using a plastic snow shovel without sharp edges or salt and de-icer will have no negative effects on the Tufdek™ surface.


Which of the patterns come with Scuff Guard® Technology?

Both the Supreme and Designer series of Tufdek™ include Scuff Guard®. Scuff Guard® is a coating applied to the surface of the vinyl sheet and is designed to resist abrasion, scuff, and UV damage. The technology, unique to Tufdek™, helps keep your outdoor surface vibrant and durable.


What patterns are available with Cool-Step?

Cool-Step™ helps keep your outdoor surface cool and comfortable on the hottest summer days. The current patterns available with this technology are “Pewter” and “Solid Stone.”


What is the warranty on the product?

Use warranty for Tufdek, designer and supreme product line. Link to tufdek

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